Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ivory Coast Civil War Finally Coming To An End

In Ivory Coast, Gbagbo's Forces Defect En Masse: Reports -- Christian Science Monitor

Forces loyal to Ivory Coast's renegade President Laurent Gbagbo appeared ready to combat Thursday's lightning-quick rebel advance. Instead, thousands seem to have defected.

Celebrations are breaking out across Ivory Coast today as forces loyal to President-elect Alassane Ouattara seize city after city in a lightning-fast march to end the reign of renegade incumbent President Laurent Gbagbo.

Mr. Gbagbo has sat in the presidential palace for eleven years, using his army and youth militia to outlast a foiled coup and a 2002-03 civil war while presiding over a decade of economic stagnation and, finally, a Nov. 28 electoral defeat that he refused to acknowledge.

After months of waiting for a concession speech that never came, rebels last week launched an offensive deep into southern Ivory Coast, from whence Gbagbo hails.

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Update: US: Gbagbo Forces in Ivory Coast Begin to Crumble -- Voice of America

My Comment: A few months ago I predicted a civil war and bloodbath that would last for a long of period of time .... fortunately .... it looks like I was wrong.

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