Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Look At The Drug Runners' Jungle-Built, Kevlar-Coated Supersubs

Photo: Christoph Morlinghaus

Authorities in Awe of Drug Runners' Jungle-Built, Kevlar-Coated Supersubs -- Wired Science

The clatter of helicopter blades echoed across the jungles of northwestern Ecuador. Antinarcotics commandos in three choppers peered at the mangroves below, scanning for any sign of activity. The police had received a tip that a gang of Colombian drug smugglers had set up a clandestine work site here, in a dense swamp 5 miles south of Colombia’s border. And whatever the traffickers were building, the tipster had warned, was truly enormous.

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My Comment: I find this story fascinating, and a look at how huge the drug business has become in the Americas.

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