Thursday, March 31, 2011

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- March 31, 2011

Qaddafi Forces Adapt As Rebels Grow More Ragged -- CBS News/AP

Rebels showing battle fatigue as military victory appears increasingly unlikely; Qaddafi forces ditch heavy armor for trucks to confuse NATO airstrikes

Libya's rebel forces continued to struggle against Muammar Qaddafi's superior firepower on the ground, as the United States and other allies consider whether to supply them with weapons.

The rebels have given up nearly all the ground they have gained after allied airstrikes took out some of Qaddafi's heavy weapons. Now government forces are changing tactics, leaving behind the armed military vehicles and moving in armed pickup trucks like the opposition does, reports CBS News correspondent Mandy Clark. That makes it difficult for coalition forces overhead to distinguish who's who on the ground.

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Graphic Timeline: The war in Libya -- National Post

NATO takes over air operations as CIA works the ground in Libya -- CNN

NATO Starts Taking Control of Libya Operations -- Defense News

Stateside Basing Kept the F-22 Out of the Libya Fight -- DoD Buzz

While Libya Rages, Navy Sends Its Newest Warship to… San Diego?!? -- The Danger Room

UK wasted £6bn on ditched military kit
-- Scotsman

China Reaffirms Nuke Policy of "No First Use" -- Global Security Newswire

Chinese army speeds up developing high-tech weaponry and equipment -- Xinhuanet

China white paper highlights US military 'competition'. -- BBC

Indian navy eyes more Israeli UAVs -- Flight Global

Joint missile shield: to be or not to be?
-- Voice of Russia

Militarizing Civilian Satellites
-- Strategy Page

Air Force Hopes to Buy 80 to 100 Next Gen Bombers -- DoD Buzz

Los Alamos Has Its Faults -- Defense Tech

10 injured in fire aboard carrier off San Diego -- Houston Chronicle

Technology Extends Stratcom’s Priorities -- U.S. Department of Defense

Qwest to be military's sole IPS provider -- UPI

Cybersecurity breach may leave DOD networks exposed -- Stars And Stripes

Euro Hawk undergoes testing at Edwards AFB -- U.S. Air Force

Jet Engine Explodes, Injuring 10 on Carrier

Audit of Pentagon Spending Finds $70 Billion in Waste -- New York Times

GAO Audits Pentagon Program Cost Growths -- Ares/Aviation Week

Pentagon Works to Tackle Cost Overruns, Official Says -- US Department of Defense

Budget Slows Defense Growth, Comptroller Says -- US Department of Defense

Arlington's Grave Mix-Ups: Will the Army Ever Fix the Problem? -- Time

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