Thursday, March 31, 2011

Why No Enthusiastic Advocacy For The British Defense Industry?

A pair of Tornados prepare to take off from RAF Lossiemouth Photo: Reuters

Who Will Defend The Defence Industry? -- Con Coughlin, The Telegraph

Ministers should be banging the drum about British skills and planning for the future , says Con Coughlin.

The Government’s enthusiastic advocacy of a no-fly zone for Libya has provided a graphic illustration of its willingness, when necessary, to exercise military muscle. Within hours of the UN Security Council approving a resolution that authorised military action, British planes, submarines and frigates were in the thick of it, attacking Colonel Gaddafi’s tanks and anti-aircraft defences.

Indeed, the performance of RAF Tornados and Typhoons has been critical in turning the tide against the Libyan regime’s forces. Thanks to the crews’ skill in using their Storm Shadow and Brimstone missiles in precision attacks, the rebels have been able to battle for control of the port of Sirte, the Gaddafi clan’s stronghold.

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My Comment: The British mindset is .... what can I say .... British .... and extolling the virtues of the defense industry is not in their character. But on the flip side .... extolling the virtues of the British soldier is something that they have no trouble in doing.

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Jelly Jim said...

Perhaps the answers lie a bit closer to the consumers of the British defence industry's products. I'm sure our sailors, airmen, soldiers and marines are in a better position to gauge how enthusiastic we should be about our defence industry and what it turns out. On the other hand, taxpayers might also offer like to venture an opinion...

Con Coughlin is hardly a well-informed or thoughtful source of thinking on defence matters.