Wednesday, April 6, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Former Congressman Curt Weldon's Visit To Gaddafi Raises Hopes That The War Will End

Ex-Rep. Curt Weldon Arrives In Libya On Surprise Visit, Aims To Persuade Qaddafi To Leave -- FOX News

A former Republican congressman who has experience dealing with Muammar al-Qaddafi has arrived in Libya on a surprise visit aimed at convincing the embattled strongman to step down.

Former Rep. Curt Weldon, who led delegations to Libya in 2004 after Qaddafi gave up his nuclear weapons program, announced Wednesday that he was invited back by Qaddafi's chief of staff. He claimed both the Obama administration and bipartisan members of Congress are aware of his visit. Administration sources later told Fox News the White House knew about the trip in advance.

"Our purpose is to meet with Colonel Qaddafi today and persuade him to step aside," Weldon wrote in a New York Times column explaining his visit.

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My Comment: This is big news, and raises hopes that a peaceful outcome can come out of the Libyan civil war. I have to also wonder if this is the reason why US airstrikes in Libya have ceased, and NATO is now holding back. My prediction .... the next few days are going to be critical, and if former Congressman Curt Weldon can help in bringing an end to this conflict .... then kudos to him.

Update: Gadhafi asks Obama to end air strikes in a letter -- Yahoo News/AP

WNU Editor: Gaddafi's letter is here.

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