Friday, April 29, 2011

Libya War News Updates -- April 29, 2011

Libyan Forces Clash with Tunisian Soldiers -- Voice of America

Forces loyal to Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi clashed with Tunisian soldiers Friday, after crossing the border while pursuing rebel fighters.

Witnesses say Tunisian forces fought back, pushing the pro-Gadhafi soldiers back into Libya.

Libyan forces have been trying to reclaim the border crossing, in the western Wazin region, which was seized by rebels last week.

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More News On Libya's Civil War

Libyan forces breach border with Tunisia -- Yahoo News/AP
Pro-Gaddafi forces clash with Tunisian military -- Yahoo News/Reuters
Pro-Gadhafi forces clash with Tunisian military -- Haaretz
Libyan Fighting for Key Border Crossing Spills Into Tunisia -- Bloomberg
Libyan fighting spills into neighboring Tunisia -- Washington Post
Pro-Gaddafi forces flee into Tunisian border town: TAP -- Xinhuanet
Tunisia summons Libyan envoy over incursions -- Reuters

Battles rage at Misrata, Libya border post -- Yahoo News/AFP
Fighting Shows No Signs of Easing in Libyan City of Misrata -- Voice of America
Libyan government forces make another push for embattled Misrata -- CNN
Libya: Nato says Gaddafi tried to mine Misrata harbour -- BBC
Misrata rebel leader pleads for help to topple Gaddafi -- The Guardian
Evacuees flee Misrata for Benghazi -- Xinhuanet
Hundreds dead, bodies in the streets and a city reduced to rubble: Full horror of Misrata siege finally emerges -- The Daily Mail

US says Gadhafi troops issued Viagra, raping victims -- MSNBC/Reuters
Viagra allegations raised amid Libya divisions at UN -- AFP
U.S. Ambassador Alleges Qaddafi Issuing Troops Viagra -- New York Magazine

NATO mulls new plan to strike pro-Gaddafi forces -- Xinhuanet
NATO Says It Is Stepping Up Attacks on Libya Targets -- New York Times

Libya faces potential food crisis unless stocks are replenished soon, UN warns -- UN News Centre
UN says Libya will suffer food crisis within 2 months unless stock replenished -- Canadian Press/AP
Libya at risk of food crisis as domestic clashes continue -- Xinhuanet

US: Libya death toll could be as high as 30,000
-- SFGate/AP
In Egypt, Libyan Refugees Find Tough Conditions -- NPR
Misrata offers painful reality check for West -- Mary Dejevsky, Sunday Independent
Blame Italy for Libya -- Selig S. Harrison, National Interest

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