Friday, April 22, 2011

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- April 22, 2011

Female U.S. Army Troops Test New Combat Uniform For Women -- USA Today

Several hundred female Army troops are testing a new combat uniform for women that has shorter sleeves and knee pads in the right places for their generally shorter legs, the Associated Press reports.

Although a congressionally appointed Military Leadership Diversity Commission in January recommended that women be allowed to fully serve in combat, the reality is that many already are in war zones, as truckers and helicopter pilots.

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NATO Denies Reported Bomb Shortage in Libya -- Defense News

Japan's Defense Minister Kitazawa: Stronger U.S. Defense Ties Needed -- Wall Street Journal

China’s Aircraft Carrier: Some Observations from India -- Defence Talk

IAF losing edge over PAF -- India Today

Russia’s hollow force -- DoD Buzz

Canadian Defense Budget To Reach Twenty Billion By 2015 -- Space War

Bulgaria Embarks on Ambitious Military Modernization Program -- Novinite

European Union Defence Market Values US$280 billion -- ASDS News

Scandals May End Sexism in Australia's Military -- New York Times

Drug gangs help themselves to Central American military arsenals -- McClatchy News

U.S. military officials want to keep 10,000 troops in Iraq -- Stars And Stripes

Sinking Aircraft Carriers -- Information Dissemination

Air Force on track with KC-46A program -- U.S. Air Force

F-35 effort stabilizes, but may still be late -- Air Force Times

Rhino's Revenge -- Ares/Aviation Week

Navy celebrates 500th Super Hornet, Growler delivery -- Navair

Fire Scout prepares for CENTCOM deployment -- Navair

Air Force leader talks future of air, missile defense at ISAD 2020 -- U.S. Air Force

Navy suspends command's ship-repair oversight -- Hampton Roads

U.S. Navy Strips Norfolk Unit of Oversight Powers -- Defense News

MILITARY: Four legs on the front lines -- North County Times

5 Winners from the 2012 Pentagon Budget
-- Popular Mechanics

This Man Is Not an Agent of Self-Aware Killer Drones -- The Danger Room

Cyber-Recruiters Looking For Cross-Trained Specialists -- Ares/Aviation Week

Army enlists Android for battlefield comms -- CNET

JPMorgan Chase Settles Military Mortgage Overcharging Suit for $56 Million -- Bloomberg

Contracting in Wartime
-- Bring the heat, Bring the Stupid

Hey, that Atlantic article was right!: The best officers do seem to be fleeing -- Thomas E. Ricks, Best Defense/Foreign Policy

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