Friday, April 29, 2011

A Third Of FBI Cyber-Crime Agents Are Incompetent

Cyberespionage: A network defender works at the Air Force Space Command Network Operations & Security Center at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, Colorado in this July 20, 2010 file photo. The US Justice Department inspector general reported has said the elite FBI teams tasked with stopping Cyberespionage are lacking the skills necessary to do so. Rick Wilking/Reuters/File

Cyberespionage: US Finds FBI Agents In Elite Unit Lack Necessary Skills -- Christian Science Monitor

With US increasingly vulnerable to cyberespionage, a Justice Department report finds that many agents attached to the FBI's elite cyber unit lack the skills to investigate such cases.

Many of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's field agents assigned to an elite cyber investigative unit lack the skills needed to investigate cases of cyberespionage and other computerized attacks on the US, the Justice Department inspector general reported Wednesday.

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