Friday, April 29, 2011

Unrest In Syria -- News Updates April 29, 2011

Protests Reach Heart Of Damascus Despite Regime Violence [Video] -- L.A. Times

Tens of thousands fill the streets of cities across Syria -- and for the first time, the capital of Damascus – after weekly prayers to defy the regime of President Bashar Assad. The protests suggest that the use of extreme force has failed and perhaps outraged some on the sidelines.

Reporting from Beirut — Tens of thousands of Syrians poured into the streets of the capital, Damascus, and other cities after weekly prayers Friday, overcoming an official campaign of violence and intimidation to deliver a powerful message of defiance against the regime of President Bashar Assad.

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More News On The Unrest In Syria

Syrian army units fire on each other as soldiers refuse to attack Friday prayers protesters -- The Daily Mail

32 dead on Syria 'rage day:' activists, ministry -- Yahoo News/AFP
Syrian rights group says 24 killed nationwide -- Yahoo News/AP
Syrian forces kill 15 in Deraa shooting: medic -- Yahoo News/Reuters
Syrian troops open fire on protesters nationwide -- Washington Post
Up to 24 killed in clashes in Syrian cities as thousands protest -- USA Today
'Syrian forces fire into crowds killing at least 24' -- Jerusalem Post
More than 30 killed on Syria 'day of rage' -- Sydney Morning Herald
Massacre in Syria: Dozens killed -- Ynet News
Syrian Forces Shoot at Protesters Trying to Break Siege -- New York Times
Syrian forces shoot at civilians in Deraa -- Al Jazeera
Syrian troops open fire on protesters trying to break Deraa blockade -- The Telegraph
Marchers swarm Damascus after Syrian crackdown -- L.A. Times
Damascus protest largest in Syria unrest-activists -- Reuters

Syria Baath Party members quit; military defections reported -- L.A. Times
Members Of Syria's Baath Party Resign In Protest -- NPR (Audio)

U.S. to announce new Syria sanctions on Friday -- Reuters
EU considers sanctions as Syria crackdown worsens -- Sydney Morning Herald
Germany pushes for tough sanctions against Syria -- Deutsche Welle
'Large agreement' for wide EU sanctions on Syria -- AFP

Inside Syria's torture chambers: 'This regime is brutal but also stupid' -- The Guardian
Prisoners of Assad: What Syria's Detainees Are in for -- Time
Syrian Activists Seek Army Role in Transition -- Wall Street Journal
Syria's Assad regime gets little sympathy from neighbors -- Christian Science Monitor
Bloody Syrian crackdown embarrasses Turkish allies -- CNN
Syria 101: 4 attributes of Assad's authoritarian regime -- Christian Science Monitor

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