Friday, April 29, 2011

World News Briefs -- April 29, 2011 (Evening Edition)

Royal Wedding Passes Without A Hitch As Kate And William Seal It With A Kiss -- The Guardian

Considering the huge guest list, the crowds, and the massed ranks of cameras, the royal wedding proved an intimate affair

Considering the size of the audience, the two sets of trumpeters, two choirs and several of the most senior clerics in the land, the presence of the entire British royal family, 45 crowned heads from around the world and a guest list stretching to nearly 2,000, it was quite an intimate wedding. And, confounding all the understandable fears, nerves and precautions, it went off without a hitch.

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55 dead on Syria 'rage day': sources. Syrian rights group says 42 killed nationwide.
Syria Baath Party members quit; military defections reported. Assad's neighbors watch worriedly.

Bahrain: Four protesters sentenced to death by firing squad.

Ahmadinejad reportedly not showing up for work, sparking rumors of a possible power shift.

Yemeni protesters decry Saleh transition deal. Yemen's Saleh threatens to quit transition deal.

Israel rejects Palestinian unity government with Hamas. US to reassess Palestinian aid after Hamas-Fatah deal. Surprise Palestinian unity deal challenges Israel.

In northern Iraq, attacks kill at least 12.

Syria was constructing nuclear reactor, IAEA chief suggests.


Kim prepared for North-South summit, Carter says.

New wave of tainted food in China and how inflation could make it worse.

Thai military: Deadly fighting resumes at Thai-Cambodian border. Thai, Cambodia clashes continue despite cease-fire.

U.S. military dismayed by delays in 3 key development projects in Afghanistan.

Jimmy Carter criticizes U.S., South Korea for refusing food aid to North.

Pakistan tests ballistic missile.


Latest military activity in Libya. Pro-Gaddafi forces clash with Tunisian military. Libyan government forces make another push for embattled Misrata. Libya: Col Gaddafi still has quarter of chemical weapons stockpile.

Ivorian warlord's death: suicide or assassination?

Over 800 inmates escape Tunisian prisons.

Uganda riots reach capital as anger against President Museveni grows. Rioting breaks out in Ugandan capital.

Sudan: Bashir threatens south over Abyei.

Zimbabwe elections scheduled for this year may be delayed, Herald reports.

Egypt shows signs of new assertiveness abroad.


Watch the British royal wedding live. (ABC News) Britain celebrates monarchy as Kate, William wed. Royal Wedding coverage from Reuters. William and Kate marry as world watches.

Prince William's choice of uniform is a tribute to those serving in Afghanistan.

Photo gallery of Royal wedding.

Spain's jobless rate tops 21% as all major sectors lose jobs.

Belgium moves closer to banning burqa in public.

Putin eclipses Medvedev in run-up to 2012 election.

Earth to Greece: It’s over (a commentary).


Storm deaths hit 318; Obama sees damage up close. Survivors picking up pieces from deadly twisters.

Peru election race tightens to tie.

Late leftist surge spices up Canadian election.

Mexico extradites reputed drug lord Arellano Felix.

Obama announces cabinet, Afghanistan changes.

Drug cartels in Mexico and Colombia allegedly supplied with weapons from Honduran military.

Self-rule on the rise in Mexico's prisons.


Germans arrest 3 al-Qaida suspects.

Terrorists discover uses for Twitter.

Morocco official: cafe bomb matches al-Qaida style. Morocco probes deadly Marrakesh cafe blast.

Al-Shabaab terrorists on the offensive in Somalia.


Apple juggernaut sends ripples through tech world.

Growth data cast doubt over U.S. recovery.

Wal-Mart: Our shoppers are 'running out of money'.

Silver hits record near $50, first time since 1980.

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