Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Hovercraft Finds A Home In The North Korean Military

North Korea plans a fleet of 60 attack hovercraft

North Korea's New Weapon: The Hovercraft -- The Guardian

Look out South Korea, Kim Jong-Il's latest war machine is taking shape 30 miles off your coast.

Think of the great machines of war, and the hovercraft is perhaps not the first that springs to mind. But Kim Jong-il has clearly done his homework on military history, because North Korea is in the process of building a naval hovercraft base 30 miles off the South Korean coast. The hangar-shaped buildings spotted across the international waters will house 60 "attack hovercraft", to be used for "infiltration attacks and landing"

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My Comment: Their country is broke, starving, and dysfunctional .... but Kim Jong-il wants his fleet of attack hovercraft. Insanity does not even come close to describing what that regime is all about.

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