Saturday, July 30, 2011

Afghanistan War News Updates -- July 30, 2011

Afghanistan's Warring Sides Seek Advantage Prior to Possible Talks -- Voice of America

The U.S.-led war in Afghanistan is approaching its 10-year anniversary with no end in sight to the fighting. There are efforts, however, to negotiate a political settlement to the conflict.

This is the fighting season, the summer months when poppy farmers are not in their fields and mountain paths are clear of snow. And the fighting is particularly intense as the Taliban look to retain control of territory, particularly in the east and south.

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More News on Afghanistan

ISAF Condemns Deadly IED Attack -- US Department of Defense
2 NATO troops, 7 Afghan soldiers die in blast -- Army Times
Roadside bombs kill 19 civilians, 2 NATO service members in Afghanistan -- Washington Post
Official: 7 Afghan soldiers, translator, killed -- AP
Afghanistan bombs kill 23 civilians on bus and tractor -- The Guardian
Coalition holds line on Taliban attacks, data show -- USA Today
U.S. Military Chief Aims to Reassure Afghans After Attacks -- New York Times/Reuters
Mullen: Coalition Maintains Momentum in Kandahar -- US Department of Defense
Violence up in southern Afghanistan -- Denver Post
Report Clears Afghanistan Training Commander --US Department of Defense
British soldiers face longer tours in Afghanistan because of savage cuts to troop numbers -- Daily Mail
UK judges say they cannot free Afghanistan detainee -- BBC
Kandahar mayor's battle against corruption cost him his life, daughter says -- Media News
Anxiety in Afghanistan over troops pay if U.S. defaults -- Yahoo News/Reuters
Taliban Graffiti Decorates Walls Of U.S. Marine Headquarters In Afghanistan (PHOTOS) -- Huffington Post
Kabul's economy leaves poor in the dark -- the Age
At least 1,571 US military deaths in Afghanistan since 2001 -- Washington Post

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