Saturday, July 30, 2011

Are Washington And Tehran Headed For A Showdown?

How Iran And America Could Wind Up At War -- Ilan Berman, Forbes

Are Washington and Tehran headed for a showdown?

For much of the past decade, conventional wisdom has held that Iran’s dogged pursuit of a nuclear capability – carried out in spite of mounting pressure from the international community – will ultimately become a casus belli for Washington. Early on in his tenure, President George W. Bush even went so far as to declare that the U.S. “will not tolerate” Iran arming itself with nuclear weapons, and to indicate that he was prepared to use force to prevent it.

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My Comment: This is my must read post analysis for today. What is my take .... many of the wars that America has fought in its history has come about from the other side not realizing the commitment and determination of America to prosecute a full out war to the finish. Osama Bin Laden certainly did not believe it, and Saddam Hussein definitely underestimated this resolve. Will Iran do the same mistake .... I certainly hope not .... for theirs and our sake.

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