Saturday, July 30, 2011

Is Iran Developing Missiles That Could Reach The U.S. Shores?

Part of Iran's Navy. Payvand

Iranian Missiles Could Soon Reach U.S. Shores -- Reza Kahlili, Washington Times

Mullahs’ navy equips ships for attacks from Atlantic.

While America focuses on its internal problems and its involvement in three wars and the world focuses on the global economy, Iran is progressing on three dangerous fronts: nuclear weapons, armed missiles and naval capability.

Despite four sets of United Nations sanctions and pressure by the United States and Europe, Iran has chosen not only to continue its nuclear program but to expand it. Iran’s leaders, dominated by fanatical mullahs, announced in mid-July that the installment of faster centrifuges had begun and that they will soon triple the production of enriched uranium to 20 percent at the Fardo nuclear facility deep in the mountain near the city of Qom. It is estimated that Iran will have enough highly enriched uranium for one nuclear bomb within two months and currently has enough low-enriched uranium for three nuclear bombs.

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My Comment: I doubt that the Iranians have the capability or resources to accomplish such a feat. And if they did, in the event of hostilities they would be easily targeted and taken out by US forces. If we are to be concerned about Iranian missile development targeting the U.S, it would be through developments like this one.

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