Saturday, July 30, 2011

One Tough Bomb-Hunting Dog Of War The Taliban Couldn't Kill

Courage: Hobo with Private Patrick Medhurst-Feeny, one of the vets who helped to treat him

Back On Duty: The Plucky Bomb-Hunting Dog Of War The Taliban Couldn't Kill -- Daily Mail

An army dog which suffered life-threatening injuries in a Taliban attack less than two weeks ago will be celebrating his third birthday back on the frontline tomorrow.

Hobo, a bomb-hunting black labrador with A Company, 2nd Battalion Royal Gurkha Rifles, was badly wounded when a patrol came under heavy fire in Helmand Province ten days ago.

As enemy grenades were hurled at the patrol’s position, Hobo was hit three times by shrapnel in his neck, abdomen and body. Comrades saved his life by giving first aid to stem the bleeding until he was taken by helicopter to the safety of Camp Bastion along with wounded soldiers.

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My Comment: This story reminds me of a post that Theo Spark had today.

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