Sunday, July 31, 2011

World News Briefs -- July 31, 2011

Syrian Tanks Kill Protesters In Hama -- The Guardian

Syrian troops' assault on opposition stronghold appears to be part of nationwide offensive ahead of start of Ramadan

Scores of people have been shot dead and there were reports of bodies lying in the streets of the opposition stronghold of Hama following a tank assault as Syrian troops unleashed an apparent nationwide offensive targeting protesters against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

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95 dead in Syrian army attack on Hama: activist. Activists: Syrian military kills 45 in Hama attack. Syrian forces attack 4 opposition strongholds.

Iraq boosts purchase of U.S. jets, but no decision on troops. Iraq says to buy 36 F-16 fighters from U.S.

Airstrikes kill 40 pro-government Yemeni tribesmen.

Police: 50,000 protest soaring housing prices in Tel Aviv.

Verdict on US hikers in Iran 'soon'.


China: Unrest in Kashgar, Xinjiang, leaves 15 dead. 11 killed in 2 attacks in troubled NW China.

Suicide car bomber kills 10 Afghan policemen.

Pakistan puts travel curbs on US diplomats.

US presses N. Korea for 'irreversible' disarmament move.

Taiwan eases up on mainland Chinese visitors.


Libya rebels overrun rogue faction. Rebels clash with Gaddafi loyalists near Benghazi. Rebels attack last Gaddafi western mountain stronghold.

Somalia famine: African Union calls 'pledging summit'.

Mubarak's trial moved to police academy for security reasons. Trial judge for Egypt's Mubarak to speed process.

Nigeria plans talks with Islamist group Boko Haram.

Moroccan King renews call to mend ties with Algeria.

Ramadan from Monday in Saudi, other Muslim nations.


The damning of Tony Blair: Former PM to be held to account on Iraq in Chilcot report on war.

Norway attacks: Breivik 'had other targets'.

Serbia calls for peace in crisis with Kosovo.

Ukraine mourns 37 dead in mining accidents.


US parties hopeful for deal on US debt limit. Possible debt plan emerges as lawmakers race clock to clinch deal.

Plane from New York crashes at Guyana airport.

Aide to former Colombian president faces arrest.

Report: Leader of La Linea gang arrested in Mexico.


U.S. is refocused on covert strikes in Pakistan.

Pakistani Taliban, linked to al-Qaeda, targeted for UN sanctions.

White House adviser says U.S. has 6 months to ‘knock out’ rattled Qaeda leadership.


Goldman's new money machine: warehouses.

What the government debt crisis means to you.

Global confidence in U.S. Treasuries has ‘slightly eroded,’ Lagarde says.

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