Friday, September 30, 2011

After It's Fallout With Pakistan, The U.S. Is Looking For New Allies

US Finds New Friend In Uzbekistan After Pakistan Fallout -- The Telegraph

President Obama has asked Uzbekistan to expand its role in resupplying troops in Afghanistan as Washington tries to reduce its dependence on Pakistan.

The past fortnight has seen relations between Islamabad and Washington sink to new lows over allegations that Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence agency was working with the Haqqani network to direct attacks on American targets in Afghanistan.

The crisis, the latest in a turbulent year, has seen both countries scrambling to build up alternative regional alliances.

However, more than a third of supplies to Nato forces in Afghanistan pass through Pakistan, giving Islamabad a strong bargaining position.

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My Comment: Going to the Devil that you do not know rather than the Devil that you know .... sighhhh .... there are no good options for the U.S. in this region.

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