Thursday, September 29, 2011

Can China And Japan Peacefully Co-Exist?

The Bleak Future of Sino-Japanese Relations -- Michael Auslin, National Interest

For all the attention paid to America’s complex relationship with China, stability and economic growth in Asia depends just as much, if not more, on the fraught relationship between China and Japan. Not only are these countries the world’s second- and third- largest economies, they also are major military powers that represent two very different political and social systems. Although increasingly interdependent economically, they oscillate between political engagement and outright competition over influence in Asia, territorial issues and military capabilities. The inability of these two countries to find a balance in their ties shapes Asian politics and economics and also complicates Washington’s efforts to find a stable Asian policy. Japan’s new government—its sixth in five years—has indicated that it now wants to improve relations with Beijing.

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My Comment:
The history of Japanese - Chinese relations has been one of open hostility, invasion and war, occupation, and downright hostility. Like Europe's English - French history of hostility and conflict, Japan and China will probably have to go through a similar period of time (i.e. a century or two) before this deep cultural and societal hostility dissipates.

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