Friday, September 30, 2011

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- September 30, 2011

The change caps both the takeover and the transformation of America’s military. | AP Photos

Mike Mullen To Martin Dempsey: A Generational Shift At JCS -- Politico

Adm. Mike Mullen and the man who replaces him Friday as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff are just five years apart in age but their experiences are different in ways that represent a dramatic shift at the top of the nation’s armed forces.

Mullen, 64, the last of six chairmen whose careers were first defined in combat in southeast Asia, spent time as a young ensign off the coast of Vietnam on the destroyer USS Collett in 1968, firing 5-inch guns with such intensity that the barrels melted from the heat.

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Dempsey Takes Over as Top US Military Officer -- Voice of America

New U.S. military chief seeks balance in US power -- Yahoo News/AP

Fox says ex-MoD chiefs partly to blame as job cuts loom -- BBC

$60b Indian Naval power expansion -- Pakistan Observer

Iran's new Anti-Ship Missile -- Information Dissemination

France Eyes Public-Private Lease for Tanker -- Defense News

France Raises Defense Budget 1.6 Percent -- Defense News

Russia test-fired new submarine missile -- Barents Observer

Cruiser Adm Kuznetsov to leave for Mediterranean in Nov
-- Itar Tass

Giant Russian state weapons order misses another deadline -- RT

Iraq's F-16 buy is unlikely to be its last -- McClatchy News

U.S. Military Hands Millions of Dollars of Equipment Over to Iraqis
-- FOX News

Saudi Boeing F-15 Deal Delayed -- CBS

Drone Helos the Only Choppers on Display at MDM ’11 -- Defense Tech

Navy to Commission New Guided Missile Destroyer --

F-35B set for sea trials next week -- Marine Times

Lockheed Martin showcases new fighter jet -- Nashua Telegraph

U.S. Caps Humvee-Upgrade Cost at $180K -- Defense News

Darpa Underwear Will ‘Harvest’ Soldiers’ Energy, Give Them Killer Abs -- Danger Room

Court Tosses Challenge to Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell -- Wall Street Journal

Panetta: DIA ‘Quiet Heroes’ Mark 50th Anniversary -- US Department of Defense

Should Donald Rumsfeld be accountable? -- Washington Post editorial

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