Friday, September 30, 2011

Pirate-Fighting Mercs Arrested in Africa for Carrying Guns -- Danger Room

In two years of operations, a Virginia-based maritime security company has escorted commercial vessels through pirate-infested East African waters 300 times without incident. Nexus Consulting Group of Alexandria’s impressive record is the latest evidence of a surprising turn in the five-year-old international war on Somali pirates. More and more, for-profit security guards are taking over from the world’s navies on the maritime front lines.

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My Comment:
The piracy business is huge in the Horn of Africa .... a situation that I am sure also involves numerous government officials who work in these countries. Since these private security companies have obviously been very effective .... and a direct threat to the pirates and their enablers .... life for them and their clients will be made as difficult as possible.

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