Friday, September 30, 2011

Who Is To Blame For Britain's Defense Cutbacks

Defence Secretary Liam Fox has been accused of undermining the military covenant after scrapping a £1.5bn programme to upgrade decaying barracks. The Telegraph

Fox Says Ex-MoD Chiefs Partly To Blame As Job Cuts Loom -- BBC

The defence secretary says former senior military and MoD figures are partly to blame for £5bn budget cuts leading to defence force job losses.

Some 1,020 Royal Navy personnel have been hearing they are being made redundant as cuts continue.

Liam Fox told the Guardian the MoD had "consistently dug a hole for itself".

Former navy chief Admiral Lord West said the military had been cut to a "dangerously low capability" but it was "no good blaming things in the past".

Shadow defence secretary Jim Murphy said Mr Fox had to take responsibility for his actions.

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Update #1:
Liam Fox in row with military brass over financial problems -- The Telegraph
Update #2: Liam Fox says MoD has to accept share of blame for depth of cuts -- The Guardian

My Comment: Opponents to Liam Fox do not agree.

The Guardian editorializes on this issue.

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