Saturday, October 29, 2011

Iran Has Had Nuclear Weapons For Years

The Iranian nuclear scientist who defected to the United States is thought to have worked on the Iran nuclear program at this suspected uranium-enrichment facility near Qom, Iran. DigitalGlobe/Handout/REUTERS

Iran Already Has Nuclear Weapons -- Reza Kahlili, The Washington Times

Western intelligence has known it for years.

The pressure the United States and the West is bringing to bear on Iran to keep it from acquiring nuclear weapons is all for naught. Not only does the Islamic Republic already have nuclear weapons from the old Soviet Union, but it has enough enriched uranium for more. What’s worse, it has a delivery system.

The West for nearly a decade has worried about Iran’s uranium enhancement, believing Iran is working on a nuclear bomb, though the government maintains its uranium is only for peaceful purposes.

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My Comment: These are the type of articles that I read .... and pray that is not true.

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S O said...

"These are the type of articles that I read .... and pray that is not true."

You should pray for the trueness.
If true, this article would mean that Iran has already proved that it doesn't want nukes for aggressive purposes, doesn't give them away to aggressive powers and that it wouldn't even use them to intimidate others.