Monday, October 31, 2011

World News Briefs -- October 31, 2011

World Population Will Reach 7 Billion -- CBS

The U.N. says the world's population will reach a milestone this Monday -- 7 billion people. Since 1927, our population has soared from 2 billion to 4 billion in 1974, and 6 billion in 1999. CBS News correspondent Russ Mitchell talks about the population increase with demographer Joel Cohen of Rockefeller University.

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Bashar al-Assad: I won't waste my time with Syrian opposition.

Syria's Assad warns of 'earthquake' if West intervenes.

Truce effort follows deadly violence on Israel-Gaza border.

Iraqi 'resistance' forced US pull-out: Khamenei.

Report: US plans post-Iraq buildup in Gulf.

Palestine becomes member of UNESCO, US cuts funds.


British troops to hand over security of former Taliban stronghold Nad-e-Ali.

China to launch unmanned spacecraft.

Tensions mount in Thai capital as floodwaters devastate suburbs.

Bombings, shootings hit restive southern Thailand.

Former PM wins Presidency in disputed Kyrgyzstan election.

Pakistani cricket hero Imran Khan’s rally against government draws large turnout.


Chemical, nuclear weapons found in Libya - prime minister.

Libyan leader wants to speed up elections.

Kenya military chief suggests Somalia incursion could be long.

South Kordofan unrest: Sudan 'kills hundreds' of rebels.

Move over Boko Haram, Nigeria's MEND rebels set to restart oil war in Niger Delta.

Hosni Mubarak trial postponed until end of the year.

Somalian famine victims may be beyond help, expert warns.


Belgium plans to phase out nuclear power.

Europe will not offer China concessions for aid: Juncker.

Ferrari boss calls on Italy PM Berlusconi to resign.

Greece to hold referendum on new debt deal. Greece debt crisis: Referendum promised on EU deal.


Colombia elects ex-guerrilla in sign peace possible.

Internet becomes a new battleground in Mexico's drug wars.

Chavez orders more land taken from British firm.

Honduras becomes Western hemisphere cocaine hub.


'First Lady of al-Qaeda' jailed for 15 years.

Suspected U.S. drones kill 6 in Pakistan.

U.S. sets sights on al Qaeda bomb maker.


Stock markets fall as eurozone debt fears persist.

Ugly end to historic October on Wall Street.

Roman Abramovich denies betraying Russian rival.

Corzine's MF Global files for bankruptcy.

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