Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Russia's Citizens Are Abandoning Their Country

Russians line up for visas outside the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. (Sergei L. Loiko / Los Angeles Times)

Russians Are Leaving The Country In Droves -- L.A. Times

Some chafe at life under Vladimir Putin's rule, but for many others, economic limitations are the prime motivator. Experts say the numbers have reached demographically dangerous levels.

Reporting from Moscow — Over a bottle of vodka and a traditional Russian salad of pickles, sausage and potatoes tossed in mayonnaise, a group of friends raised their glasses and wished Igor Irtenyev and his family a happy journey to Israel.

Irtenyev, his wife and daughter insist they will just be away for six months, but the sadness in their eyes on this recent night said otherwise.

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My Comment: Count me as one of those who left Russia. I left with my parents years ago .... and I have no regrets. I live in Montreal, Canada .... and I love this country. And even though the winters here are worse than Russia's .... I am staying put.

The reason why I love living here (Canada) is simple. Economic opportunity, rule of law, absence of crime, political tolerance, and a hundred plus more reasons why but time limits me from writing them all down.


Unknown said...

I'm from Michigan. Winters can be tough but I think just like Canada, you have a whole range of what winter can be in Russia. For instance, I would prefer Tula over Murmansk in the winter, and I bet Tula gets pretty cold...for more months during the year!

War News Updates Editor said...

Thankyou Eric for your comment. Personally ... I envy you. Winter is now starting in Canada, but isn't it springtime in Australia right now?

Sighhh ... lucky guy.