Wednesday, November 30, 2011

World News Briefs -- November 30, 2011 (Evening Edition)

Anatomy Of A Deadly NATO Airstrike: The Pakistani Version -- Time

The NATO air strikes that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers last Saturday, sparking a fresh crisis in U.S.-Pakistan relations, started with a mysterious report of firing from the Pakistani side of the border, according to the Pakistan army's account of the incident.

Soon after midnight on Nov. 26, at approximately 12:05 a.m., a NATO sergeant called a Pakistani major at one of the border control centers that the two sides use to coordinate their efforts to complain that U.S. Special Forces had received "indirect fire" from a Pakistani border checkpoint at Gora Parai, in Pakistan's Mohmand tribal agency. Seven minutes later, the NATO sergeant got back in touch with the Pakistani major to say that NATO forces had engaged a different location, the Volcano border checkpoint, some 15 km south of Gora Parai.

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Iranian influence seeping into Iraq.

Pressure mounts on Syria, government raids continue.

Northern battle flares as Yemen seeks interim government.

Biden: US troop exit marks new beginning with Iraq.

First suicide blast since '07 hit Iraq's restricted Green Zone.

Turkey imposes sanctions on Assad's Syria.


Afghan President urges Pakistan to attend Bonn conference. Afghan officials voice scant remorse to Pakistan.

North Korea supplying Syria, Iran with prohibited nuclear technology, report says.

NKorea claims progress in uranium enrichment, light-water reactor, raising nuclear bomb worry.

Clinton in Myanmar to urge reform.

Internet freedom in Central Asia worsens say human rights groups.


Islamist leader Abdelilah Benkirane named Morocco PM.

Egypt Islamists on collision course with Army. Egypt’s Brotherhood claims lead in polls, challenges military rule.

Egypt: Tahrir Square violence marrs closing of polls.

Ivory Coast: Gbagbo faces murder and rape charges. Plane believed carrying ex-Ivory Coast President Gbagbo arrives in Netherlands.

DR Congo's Vital Kamerhe leads calls to annul vote.


EU monetary chief sees 10 days to rescue euro zone.

EU Defense Ministers may endorse pooling resources.

Britain withdraws diplomats from Iran after embassy attack. UK to expel all Iranian diplomats over embassy attack.

Norway closes embassy in Iran after Brits attacked.

UK Strikes hit services as millions heed unions' call to fight pension cuts.


Honduras turns to army to battle drug gangs.

Police arrest more than 200 in raid of 'Occupy L.A.' camp.

Chile seeks extradition of ex-U.S. military officer in 1973 death.

Latin America poverty level lowest in 20 years, says UN.


'I thought my life would end in a tent': ex-envoy.

Senate defies threat of veto in terrorist custody vote. Indefinite military detention of citizens on US soil still in Pentagon spending bill.

Obama orders government to clean up terror training.


Stocks surge after central banks’ action on debt crisis. Stocks rocket 4%, Dow closes above 12,000.

Fed, ECB offer aid for global financial system.

S&P downgrades dozens of global banks.

Study: Cyber Monday was biggest online shopping day ever in U.S.

American Airlines' Boeing and Airbus order is 'rock solid' despite bankruptcy.

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