Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hexagon KH-9 Secret Program Is Now Revealed

Decades Later, A Cold War Secret Is Revealed -- Stars And Stripes/AP

DANBURY, Conn. (AP) -- For more than a decade they toiled in the strange, boxy-looking building on the hill above the municipal airport, the building with no windows (except in the cafeteria), the building filled with secrets.

They wore protective white jumpsuits, and had to walk through air-shower chambers before entering the sanitized "cleanroom" where the equipment was stored.

They spoke in code.

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Update: "I built spy satellites for a living" -- Boing Boing

My Comment: The KH-9 program is now obsolete .... hence makes you wonder on what they are using now to photograph and spy on our adversaries.

On a side note, my uncle was one of the many directors who worked on the Soviet equivalent of the KH-9. He never talked about his work, but I will always remember the day when he took me to his former place of work in St. Petersburg in 1992 (he had been retired for a few years). I was excited, expecting to see an array of impressive buildings heavily protected by security. But what I saw instead were bulldozers at work leveling the complex to make way for a shopping mall. It was also that day that I then realized that the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the West was truly over.

Update: The Daily mail has more info on the KH-9 program.

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