Saturday, December 31, 2011

North Korea's Leaders May Hate America, But They Love Our Cars

The casket of Kim Jong-il, who hated the United States, sat atop an American-made Lincoln Continental. The next leader, Kim Jong-un, is at left. AP

Deeply Hated, But Present: A U.S. Touch At Kim’s End -- New York Times

Kim Jong-il hated the United States. But an American carried him to the grave.

The coffin of Mr. Kim, the cultish North Korean leader, sat atop the roof of a polished masterpiece of American automotive grandeur: a mid-1970s armored black Lincoln Continental, which wended through the snowy streets of Pyongyang on Wednesday in a rigorously choreographed funeral. Mr. Kim’s gigantic, smiling portrait was balanced atop a second Lincoln limousine. A third, slightly smaller Lincoln brought up the rear, its roof bearing an immense wreath. The aging but impeccably maintained cars gave the footage on North Korean state television the quality of a cold war Hollywood film.

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My Comment: The hypocrisy from North Korea is sometimes too much .... but then again there is one thing that I do know about Koreans (both North and South) .... hell will need to freeze over first before they start to drive Japanese cars.


Unknown said...

Many Koreans outside of Korea drive Japanese cars

War News Updates Editor said...

My Godfather is Korean, and he drives a Toyota (a gift given to him by his family on his 80th birthday). Trust me .... he hates driving the thing.