Friday, December 30, 2011

World News Briefs -- December 30, 2011 (Evening Edition)

Death Toll Mounts In Syria As Thousands Take To The Streets -- L.A. Times

REPORTING FROM BEIRUT -- Any hope that the presence of Arab observers in Syria would bring a quick end to months of bloodshed evaporated Friday as opposition activists reported that security forces opened fire on anti-government demonstrations and clashes broke out with army defectors in a suburb of the capital, Damascus.

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Syria troops 'clash with Damascus activists'. Syrians activists call for mass protests as observers continue visit. Syrian defectors hold fire amid Arab League visit.

U.S. touts Saudi Arabia fighter jet deal as a foreign policy, security and economic boon.

Settlement outposts at root of Jewish violence in West Bank.

Iran tracks US aircraft carrier amid Strait of Hormuz tension.

Turkey: Funerals held after air strike.

Who's who in Iraq after the US exit?


Maldives orders ban of all spas after Islamist prostitution claim.

North Korea vows no softening toward South. North Korea's new leadership lashes out at South Korea.

Pakistan judicial commission to probe memo scandal.

At least 8 dead in ethnic fighting in western China.

China's factories falter, pro-growth policies eyed. China warns of slowing economic growth rates.

China confirms plans for manned moon landing.

Cyclone Thane hits southern Indian coast.

Virus sickens 110,000 in Vietnam, kills 166.


Southerners 'killed by Sudan air raids'.

Foreign aid worker is killed and colleague is wounded in Somali capital. Deaths in Somalia underscore risks MSF endures.

Egypt says it will end NGO raids, return items seized. Egypt’s Generals intensify campaign against nonprofits, activists say. Egypt rights groups blast raids on NGO offices.

Church bombings are declaration of war, say Nigerian Christians. Nigeria: Christmas attacks death toll rises to 42.

Elephant poaching: 'Record year' for ivory seizures.


France makes it harder to become French.

Spain set to fire opening salvos in austerity drive. Spain says deficit bigger than expected, hikes taxes.

Disputed voting turns church, a Kremlin ally, into its critic.

Russia submarine fire "totally extinguished".

Ukraine ex-PM Tymoshenko moved to prison.

Hungary poised to widen rift with west.


Birth rate plummets in Brazil.

US targets money laundering activity for cartels.

For Central America's pura vida state (Costa Rica), a drug war test.

US rejects Hugo Chavez remarks on Latin America cancer.

Jamaica opposition scores landslide win at polls.

Argentine dictator guilty of torture.


U.S. mulls transfer of Taliban prisoner in perilous peace bid.

Boot Hezbollah from Twitter or we sue, group says.

Counter-Terrorism: Caucasian nightmare.

Al-Qaeda's newest outpost.

No more military custody for al-Qaeda fighters (commentary).


Oil may rise as Iran threatens to block Strait, survey shows.

White House delaying debt ceiling request.

Apple in race to keep ahead in 2012.

Analysis: Dawn of a year of trading dangerously.

Euro falls to 10-year low versus yen, faces bleak 2012. Architects of a currency in crisis.

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