Monday, January 16, 2012

Design Flaw On F-35 Makes It Unable To Land On Aircraft Carriers

F-35 Lightning II planes arriving at Edwards Air Force Base in California. Britain is due to buy around 50 of the aircraft. Photo: REUTERS

Royal Navy Spends £50bn On New Fighter Jets... But They Can't Even Land On Aircraft Carriers -- Daily Mail

A new fighter plane which is to be used by the UK and U.S. military has a design flaw which prevents it from landing on aircraft carriers, it has emerged.

The flaw in the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) will come as a huge embarrassment to the Royal Navy which is expected to take delivery of 50 of the planes by 2020 at a cost of about £5 billion.

Leaked documents from the Pentagon have revealed that the arrestor hook of the JSF - which is used to stop the plane during landing - is too close to the wheels.

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My Comment: If this leaked report is true .... this is a disaster for the F-35 program. On a side note .... the main stream media is behind the curve on this story, Eric Palmer covered it last week.

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