Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Here Comes The British Navy

Photo: The £1bn ship is among the largest and most powerful air defence destroyers built for the navy. BBC

Back Off! British Show Of Strength As Navy Sends £1Billion Warship HMS Dauntless To The Falklands -- Daily Mail

* Deployment comes after rows between British and Argentine governments
* Countries arguing over sovereignty of islands
* MoD deny sending out Type 45 destroyer in response to increased tensions
* Say move was 'long planned'
* British minister will travel to the islands to commemorate 30th anniversary of Falklands war

Warship HMS Dauntless, one of the Royal Navy’s most advanced and powerful vessels, is being sent to the Falklands, the Ministry of Defence announced today.

The deployment comes after rows between the British and Argentine government over who has the right to own the islands.

A Royal Navy spokesman rejected suggestions the decision to send the ultra-modern destroyer to the region in March represented an escalation of the UK’s position.

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