Monday, January 30, 2012

A New U.S. Iraq Relationship

U.S. and Kuwaiti troops unite to close the gate between Kuwait and Iraq after the last military convoys passed through, Dec. 18, 2011, signaling the end of Operation New Dawn. U.S. Army photo by Cpl. Jordan Johnson

Pentagon Prepares For New Military Talks With Iraq On Long-Term Security Relationship -- Washington Post/AP

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is preparing to begin talks with Iraq on defining a long-term defense relationship that may include expanded U.S. training help, according to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s chief policy aide.

Michele Flournoy, who is leaving her Pentagon post on Friday to return to private life, said in an interview with a small group of reporters that the administration is open to Iraqi suggestions about the scope and depth of defense ties.

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My Comment: Do we really want to go back? If it was not for the oil, I doubt that the American public would want to go back.

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