Friday, January 13, 2012

US Marines Likely To Face Court Martial For Urinating On Dead Taliban Fighters

US Marines Identified In Urination Video Likely To Face Court Martial -- The Guardian

Four men shown urinating on the bodies of dead Afghans constituted 'grave breach' of military law, top commander says.

Four US marines identified by the military as the soldiers filmed urinating on corpses in Afghanistan are likely to face a court martial after an American military commander said such actions are a "grave breach" of the laws of war.

The Naval Criminal Investigation Service (NCIS) has interviewed two of the soldiers featured in the video laughing and making snide remarks as they urinated on the bloodied bodies of three Afghan men, who have not been identified. It is not clear if the men were members of the Taliban.

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Update #1: 4 Marines in video ID'd; Probe ongoing -- CBS
Update #2: US Identifies Marines in Urination Video -- Voice of America
Update #3: U.S. general warns troops to treat dead with "dignity and respect" -- CNN

My Comment: According to Google there are 3,300 news posts and over 160,000 blog posts on this story. Yup ... the coverage on story is now waayyyyy overboard. (And yes .... I am also guilty of this coverage).

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