Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Where Is The Money?

Iraq, Camp Victory: A view across a pond on November 7, 2011, leading to the Al-Faw palace formerly belonging to executed Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein and located in what is now the US military Camp Victory complex in Baghdad. (AFP Photo / Ali Al-Saadi)

Pentagon Lost $100 Million In Saddam's Palace -- RT

But did they check under the cushions of the palatial sofa?

The US Department of Defense has a budget in the hundreds of billions, and a hefty chunk of that, funds tied to former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, have disappeared.

The Pentagon says more than $100 million cash that was supposed to be at Hussein’s Baghdad palace and upwards of $1.7 billion held at the New York Federal Reserve have disappeared in thin air. The Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction has been investigating the mysterious funds since before the US even wrapped up its war overseas, and still unable to make sense of the missing money. The Pentagon has confirmed that they just don’t know where the nearly $2 billion has gone.

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Update #1:
US watchdog cannot account for Iraqi billions -- AFP
Update #2: Pentagon Unable to Account for Missing Iraqi Millions -- CNBC
Update #3: Audit: $2B in Iraq funds unaccounted for -- UPI

My Comment:
The cynic in me is telling me .... only $100 million? It could have been worse. Cough .... cough .... far worse.

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