Tuesday, January 31, 2012

World News Briefs -- January 31, 2012

Syria: Battles Rage In Damascus Suburbs As William Hague Travels To UN -- The Telegraph

Syrian forces have pushed dissident troops back from the edge of Damascus in heavy fighting, escalating efforts to take back control of the capital's eastern doorstep as William Hague flies to the UN in New York.

The Foreign Secretary will hold key UN talks over a draft resolution demanding that President Bashar Assad step aside.

Gunfire and the boom of shelling rang out on Monday in several suburbs on Damascus' outskirts that have come under the domination of anti-regime fighters, as rights groups reported nearly 100 casualties.

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UN resolution could spur Syria civil war, Russia warns. Russia says West's UN effort over Syria 'path to civil war'. Arab League head to address U.N. on Syria.

UN leader presses Mideast rivals back to talks.

Hamas leader embarks on visit to Iran, Gulf states.

Israel says it will deport South Sudanese.


Pakistan: more than 60 killed in fighting between military and Taliban.

Parties campaign in Pakistan's tribal areas despite fears of Taliban.

Afghan officials consider own talks with Taliban.

China boosts security in Tibet following protests.

Khmer Rouge court unable to pay Cambodian salaries.

Senior US diplomat for Asia says military deterrence will back up diplomacy with NKorea.


More election protests expected in Senegal. 2 shot dead in Senegal election protest.

US weighs response as extremist group expands reach across Nigeria.

Chinese workers held by Sudan rebels.

In South Sudan, a wave of tribal killings tests fragile independence.


Dozens freeze to death as 'extreme cold' grips Europe.

Cameron and Sarkozy war of words over financial transaction tax.

Search for Costa Concordia missing called off.

Hungary grows weary of European Union.

Eurozone unemployment hits new record.


62 below: Deep freeze grips much of Alaska.

Police catch suspect in 75 drug cartel killings.

The Falkland Islands await the Duke of Cambridge as British commander says they are safe from Argentina.

Brazil's Rousseff visits communist Cuba.

Bolivia march revives Tipnis Amazon road dispute.


Witnesses: Drone attack kills 11 in Yemen. At least 12 militants killed in Yemen air strike.

Pakistan concedes advantages to US drone strikes.

Libyan militia leader sues former UK spy chief.

Strategic retreat (commentary).


European Commission turns antitrust lens on Samsung.

A new page opens for Facebook. Facebook’s IPO: Putting it in context.

China loses WTO appeal over raw materials exports.

Exxon profits beat street, as $100 oil cures many ills.

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