Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Can U.S. Special Operations Do More With Less?

Special Operations To Do More With Less -- Washington Times

Effect on units raises concerns.

The Obama administration’s increasing reliance on special operations forces with a stagnant budget has sparked concern among the elite units that they will be asked to do too much with too little.

The forces will be conducting missions in 120 countries by year’s end, up from about 75 currently. This activity is increasing as the U.S. Special Operations Command’s budget is set to remain flat.

The command’s fiscal 2013 budget request is $10.4 billion - essentially the same as its current budget. In 2011, its budget was $12.1 billion.

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My Comment: Operations increased from 75 countries to 120 .... in one year. A budget of $10.4 billion for 2013 .... down from $12.1 billion for 2011. Multiple deployments for many of these troops ... and more to come.

Someone in the White House and in the Pentagon may believe that Special Forces can do more for less .... I have my doubts.

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