Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Mystery: Osama Bin Laden Had Two Copies Of The Bible Hidden In His Home

Two Bibles 'Containing Terror Codes' Found Hidden In Bin Laden Compound As It Is Demolished -- Daily Mail

* Pakistani officials also found two radio sets at the Abbottabad compound
* Three-storey building has now been razed to the ground

Pakistani security officials have found two copies of the Bible at the house where Al-Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden was killed.

The Christian holy books were discovered this week when demolition crews were sent in to tear down the compound in Abbottabad.

They were so well hidden that security personnel had previously overlooked them.

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My Comment: A very strange story (if true). Why the Bibles, and why were they hidden in his own home. A mystery we will (unfortunately) probably never know the answer to.

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