Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Our Media/Propaganda Campaigns Have Been A Failure In Iraq And Afghanistan

Marine Corps Cpl. William Aider releases a batch of leaflets April 3 while aboard an aircraft flying over Afghanistan. Sgt. Joshua T. Greenfield, Marine Corps

U.S. 'Info Ops' Programs Dubious, Costly -- USA Today

WASHINGTON – As the Pentagon has sought to sell wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to often-hostile populations there, it has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on poorly tracked marketing and propaganda campaigns that military leaders like to call "information operations," the modern equivalent of psychological warfare.

From 2005 to 2009, such spending rose from $9 million to $580 million a year mostly in Iraq and Afghanistan, Pentagon and congressional records show. Last year, spending dropped to $202 million as the Iraq War wrapped up. A USA TODAY investigation, based on dozens of interviews and a series of internal military reports, shows that Pentagon officials have little proof the programs work and they won't make public where the money goes. In Iraq alone, more than $173 million was paid to what were identified only as "miscellaneous foreign contractors."

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My Comment: The enemy spends almost nothing for their media/info campaigns .... but are infinitely more successful with their message. So .... is the fault on our side the message or the messenger? My guess is that the answer is a combination of both.

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