Monday, April 30, 2012

Bin Laden's Killing Taints Pakistan-US Ties

Year Later, Bin Laden Killing Still Colors Pakistan-US Ties -- Voice of America

One year ago, one of the most expensive manhunts in history ended when U.S. forces killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. The secret U.S. raid and the exposure of bin Laden’s hideout near Pakistan’s premier military academy jolted relations between Washington and Islamabad. Ayaz Gul reports from the Pakistani capital on how the countries are still struggling to move on.

Osama bin Laden’s last abode in the heart of the garrison town of Abbottabad now lies in ruins.

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My Comment: One year after the death of the Al Qaeda leader there still has been no explanation or investigation from Pakistan on how was Bin Laden able to live and hide in Pakistan for so long. This total lack of follow-up and investigation is raising many red flags .... the chief one being who is being protected in Pakistan by this lack of interest in getting to the bottom of this story. As a result .... I am sure that the U.S. is now convinced that there are major supporters of Al Qaeda within Pakistan's political/ military/intelligence community .... and as long as these supporters are not exposed and routed out, long term U.S.-Pakistan relations will remain in the "toilet".

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