Monday, April 30, 2012

Is Israel Alone?

Go-It-Alone Outlook Now Shapes Israel's Security Policy -- L.A. Times

Its get-tough approach with the Palestinians, and now with Iran, is lauded by some. Others warn that Israel's foreign policy will come back to haunt it.

JERUSALEM — The traditional Passover retelling of Exodus was barely underway in 2002 when Defense Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer got a note with news of the latest in a string of Palestinian suicide attacks that had terrorized Israel for two years.

He dashed to an emergency meeting of military commanders, all dressed in civilian clothes because they'd left their own Seder dinner tables upon hearing that 30 Israelis had been killed in the attack on the Park Hotel.

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My Comment: As long as I can remember .... Israel has always seen themselves alone .... even when they have received (and are receiving) continuous and considerable support from Western allies. A mindset that probably explains why the decision to do this was met with little opposition within Israel .... but a considerable amount outside.

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