Monday, April 30, 2012

Osama Bin Laden's Home Being Sold Off Brick By Brick

Self-obsessed: The Muslim extremist indulged his vane side despite living in this fortified and undecorated compound

Osama bin Laden's Abbottabad Home Being Sold Off Brick By Brick -- The Telegraph

Osama bin Laden's last home is being sold off brick-by-brick after his secret Pakistani hideaway was demolished.

Two baths and a homemade TV aerial have also been put on sale by the enterprising contractor who bulldozed the three-storey home in February.

While Pakistan's political and military leaders are keen to obliterate any memory of how the world's most wanted man evaded capture for so long, Shakeel Ahmed said his salvage yard in Abbottabad had become a tourist attraction for visitors looking for a souvenir.

"These bricks can be used by people to build new houses," he said, pointing to a heap of some of the 180,000 bricks he collected from the site. "Some come here looking for just one as so they can have them as a gift."

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My Comment: Expect some of these items on eBay for sale very soon. Hmmmm .... a brick from Bin Laden's home on my desk table .... used as a paper weight or something ..... what a unique novelty item.

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