Monday, April 30, 2012

U.S. Military Policies On Prostitution Facing Greater Scrutiny

U.S. Military Faces Scrutiny Over Its Prostitution Policies In Wake Of Colombian Sex Scandal -- National Post

No one talks tougher against prostitution than the U.S. military.

Even in countries where prostitution is legal, military personnel violating a seven-year-old Department of Defense policy against paying for sex face up to a year in jail and dishonorable discharge if caught.

Officers and troops are taught about the links between human trafficking and prostitution. They also face country-specific instructions at bases like the U.S. installation in South Korea, where the policy describes prostitution as “cruel and demeaning.”

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My Comment:
Having a policy is one thing .... not enforcing it is another. After the recent U.S. Secret Service prostitution scandal .... I expect this enforcement to be increased .... at least for the short term.

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