Monday, April 30, 2012

U.S. Special Forces Aid In The Hunt Of African Warlord Joseph Kony

In Vast Jungle, U.S. Troops Aid In Search For Kony -- New York Times

OBO, Central African Republic — It has got to be one of the oddest matchups in United States military history.

One hundred of America’s elite Special Operations troops, aided by night vision scopes and satellite imagery, are helping African forces find a wig-wearing, gibberish-speaking fugitive rebel commander named Joseph Kony who has been hiding out in the jungle for years with a band of child soldiers and a harem of dozens of child brides.

No one knows exactly where Mr. Kony is, but here in Obo, at a remote forward operating post in the Central African Republic, Green Berets pore over maps and interview villagers, hopeful for a clue.

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