Thursday, May 31, 2012

After 31 Years, Egypt's State Of Emergency To End

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood members of parliament protest against the extension of emergency law, in place since 1981, during a parliament session in Cairo, Tuesday. According to local media, the government of Egypt has presented to the parliament a bill to extend the country's emergency law until the year 2012. The words on the banners read "No to emergency law". (Photo: Reuters)

Egypt's State Of Emergency Ends After 31 Years -- The Telegraph

Egypt's military rulers said they had ended the decades-old state of emergency as its last renewal expired.

Vowing to continue to "protect" the nation, the military said in a statemet it would continue its "national and historic responsibility, taking into account that the state of emergency has ended, in accordance with the constitutional declaration and with the law".

It said it would continue in that role until it hands over power, as it has promised it would to an elected president by the end of June. A runoff between the two frontunners from the first round of the elction is to be held on June 16-17.

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