Thursday, May 31, 2012

All Eyes Are On Ireland Today As Voters Go To Vote On Europe's Fiscal Treaty

Ireland Prepares To Vote On Fiscal Treaty -- BBC

Irish voters are preparing to head to the polls to vote on whether to ratify the European Fiscal Treaty.

Rejecting it would prevent the country accessing any more emergency EU funding when its existing bailout package expires next year.

Ireland is the only one of 25 nations which is putting the fiscal pact to a national vote.

Opinion polls suggest a majority will vote Yes - though many where expected to decide at the last minute.

The BBC's Mark Simpson, in Dublin, says the Yes camp fears people, angry with continuing austerity measures, will vote against the treaty to punish the government.

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My Comment: Everyone is expecting a yes vote .... but if they vote no .... expect chaos in the stock markets when they open on Friday.

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