Thursday, May 31, 2012

Here Is One Reason Why Israel Will Not Go It Alone Against Iran

An X-Band radar like the one pictured here is set up in southern Israel. Missile Defense Agency

The Reason Israel Won't Go It Alone Against Iran May Be This One Single Piece Of US Equipment -- Business Insider

The only foreign troops stationed in Israel are from the United States and their job is to oversee an exceptional piece of radar that could save thousands of Israeli lives.

Karl Vick and Aaron J. Klein at TIME share a profile on the U.S. radar station that's making a "compelling argument against any notion that the Jewish state will launch an attack on Iran without the United States."

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My Comment: There are many reasons on why Israel would prefer to not go it alone against Iran, but what I found interesting about this article are the presence of many U.S. troops in the Negev Desert.Talk about being out of presence .... and out of mind .... as well as not providing a tempting target for Islamic militants.

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