Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- July 31, 2012

Sea Ghost concept. Image: Lockheed Martin

Killer-Drone Showdown Set As Lockheed Unveils Jet-Powered ‘Bot -- Danger Room

Sometime in the next few years the world’s most sophisticated drone prototypes will likely face off in what could be a multi-billion-dollar competition to shape the future of air warfare. And now we finally know what all four contestants look like.

On Friday, number-one defense contractor Lockheed Martin released the first official teaser image of its Sea Ghost jet-powered killer drone. Along with previously disclosed unmanned aerial vehicle designs from rivals Boeing, Northrop Grumman and General Atomics, the Sea Ghost will go head-to-head for a Navy contract to put fast, stealthy, missile- and bomb-armed drones on the decks of aircraft carriers by 2018.

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Commentaries, Opinions, And Editorials

US arms deals in the works with uneasy Gulf allies -- FOX News/AP

Japan flags China military's policy role as potential risk -- Reuters

New Russian bomber: needless expenditure or future necessity? -- Voice of Russia

Russia to get stronger nuclear navy, Putin says
-- Reuters

Paint flakes ground Israeli F-16 fighters -- Flight Global

Iron Dome Defenses Increasing by 2013 -- Arutz Sheva

U.S. defense chief: Syria military must remain intact when Assad goes -- Reuters

Ecuador, Brazil to help set up Haiti new military -- Chicago Tribune/Reuters

Washington prepares to ramp up military cooperation with Tunisia -- The Cable/Foreign policy

If You Are An American Taxpayer, Then These Are Your Latest Defense Purchases -- Business Insider

More Subs, Bombers, And Missiles Could Be On Their Way To The Pacific -- Business Insider

F-22s arrive at Kadena, no reported oxygen problems
-- Defense Tech

What the F-22 vs. the Typhoon tells us
-- Eric Palmer Blog

The A-10: Tough Old Bird Updated -- Strategy Page

Poverty And The Long-Range Strike Bomber
-- Strategy Page

X-47B Completes First Pax River Flight
-- Defense Tech

Naval Presence Shifts Towards 2020 -- Information Dissemination

Budget officials: Navy’s 30-year shipbuilding plan underfunded by $94 billion -- Stars and Stripes

Navy taking measures to fill undermanned at-sea billets -- Stars and Stripes

New Raytheon warhead lethal to enemy rockets
-- Space Daily

Army campaigns to defend current detector of bombs -- Washington Times

Military jury finds sergeant accused of hazing fellow soldier not guilty of negligent homicide -- Washington Post/AP

Anti-leak measure targets background briefings -- Washington Post

Five things you need to know about U.S. national security -- CNN

Vets Eye Iraq Violence With Regret, Detachment -- Military.com/AP

The danger of Obama’s inaction on sequestration
-- Howard P. “Buck” McKeon, Washington Post

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