Friday, August 31, 2012

How Osama bin Laden's Dead Body Was Identified

Speaking out: Former Navy SEAL Matt Bissonnette appeared on US TV show 60 Minutes this week to discuss his book. CBS said they disguised his appearance for his safety

Osama bin Laden's Dead Body Was Identified By Young Girl Hiding Out With The al-Qaeda Leader When Navy SEALS Raided His Compound -- Daily Mail

* MailOnline obtains copy of explosive account of bin Laden's assassination
* Author, identified as ex-SEAL Matt Bissonnette, 36, describes the moment he released he'd killed the 'most wanted man in the world'
* Bin Laden was hiding out with two wives and three children
* Girl who identified terrorist leader likely to be one of his 20 plus offspring

The dead body of Osama bin Laden was positively identified by a child who was in the room with him when he died, according to a former U.S. Navy SEAL's account of his assassination.

In his explosive book about the operation, titled No Easy Day, 36-year-old Matt Bissonnette - writing under the pseudonym Mark Owen - describes the moment his team discovered the terrorist leader was dead.

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Excerpts from SEAL's book about Osama bin Laden killing -- CNN

My Comment: This is riveting reading.

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