Friday, August 31, 2012

Is America's Missile Defense Deployment In Asia A Conspiracy?

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Inside China: Missile Defense Conspiracy? -- Miles Yu, The Washington Times

Rear Adm. Yin Zhuo, a leading Chinese navy official, told his nation Aug. 24 that plans to boost U.S. missile defenses in Asia are a strategic conspiracy to trick other nations in the region into investing vast resources to develop nuclear and ballistic weapons.

Adm. Yin told the People’s Daily’s flagship online discussion portal “Strong China Forum” that the objective of the U.S. defense effort is to force nations to deplete military budgets that should be used to develop conventional weapons.

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My Comment: I am sure that the Chinese military is taking U.S. missile defense deployment in Asia seriously. But unlike the Russians .... they appear to have doubts on its effectiveness.

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