Friday, August 31, 2012

Is Syria's President Assad "Disconnected From Reality"?

U.S.: Assad "Disconnected From Reality" -- CNN

Bashar al-Assad is "increasingly disconnected from reality," according to a senior Obama administration official in dismissing assertions by the Syrian president that the situation in his violence-torn country is improving.

The White House added that Assad's comments only showed "how delusional" the embattled leader has become.

"Only if 'better' means more Syrian people - innocent Syrian people – are dying at the hands of his soldiers; only 'better' if it means that his thugs are moving through the streets of various cities and rounding people up," presidential spokesman Jay Carney told reporters.

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My Comment:
I suspect that he knows that the situation is very dire, and to win has adopted the same strategy that the Algerian government successfully applied in it's civil war against Islamic militants in the 1990s. But while the Algerian government did have broad support in it's war, Assad's support is becoming increasingly limited to his Alawite community .... a community that (I predict) will soon be overwhelmed by the greater numbers within the Syrian rebel movement. When that moment is reached .... that is when I predict that the Assad family and his allies will then flee to the Alawite dominated areas of north-western Syria to make their last stand .... and from there .... who knows what will happen next.

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