Friday, August 31, 2012

Mexicans Have No Confidence In Their Police Forces

Mexicans See A Losing Battle In The War On Crooked Police -- L.A. Times

President Calderon vowed to create a trustworthy federal police force. Now as he apologizes for a police shooting of a U.S. Embassy vehicle, citizens scoff at the very notion.

MEXICO CITY — In the midst of a violent drug war, President Felipe Calderon fired crooked cops by the hundreds, and hired new ones — rigorously vetted and college educated — by the thousands. Salaries were doubled, new standards imposed and officers were subjected to extensive background checks.

A trustworthy federal police force was to be one of the most important legacies of Calderon's six-year term. And yet, just months before he is to leave office in December, the president found himself apologizing "profoundly" this week for an incident in which federal police allegedly opened fire on an SUV with diplomatic plates, injuring two Americans.

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My Comment: There is always going to be bad apples in any barrel .... unfortunately for Mexico .... their police force has a long history of corruption and failing in their duties.

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